Australasian Thermographers Association

ATA is the peak Industry Body for Thermographers in Australiasia established in 2010.

ATA is not associated or affiliated with any supplier or manufractures of thermal imaging cameras world wide 

ATA Members all use and are Trained to FLIR (Forward looking Infrared Cameras)  thermal imaging, infrared thermal cameras, HD thermal imagers, radiometric systems & analytical software tools

ATA is an association for all those involved in Thermography, created to support and help unite Thermographers. Whether you are a professional Thermographer, or just interested in thermal imaging, you will find ATA can help through membership and the website.

The Association provides a voice for Thermography to help mould the rapidly developing Infrared field and promote Thermography amongst potential users.

An important aspect of the ATA is to develop Codes of Practices for NDT methods in thermal imaging, to help advise and to improve the training and Certification of thermographers against the Syllabuses on offer in Australasia.

Our unique purpose and long term aspiration is:



National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre does not recommend the use of thermography for the early detection of breast cancer. Read More.

HEALTH authorities are warning women about thermal imaging clinics offering breast-cancer screening, saying free mammograms are more effective in detecting tumours at an early stage. Read More

This could happen to you at any time!

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